Friday, 23 December 2016

Chasing Time

That time of year is here!
Christmas and New Year.

Look back and remember;
Pleasures, pain, joy and anger.

Spread some cheer;
Amongst those who are dear.

Be someone's Angel;
Share,love and give away to strangers.

Break free, shake the past;
Grab the future, let hope last.

Follow your heart, out you venture;
Go on for an unknown adventure.

Let the New Year ring the chime;
Continue the journey, chasing Time.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

What if?

Love should have the freedom of choice and expression.
If the Sun were love, one should soar in the sky as a bird  to embrace it, at the same time, be as grounded and patient as the sand which eventually receives the warmth.Turning it into miles of gold.
Love is  bound with the strings of the soul, not with words, actions or blood. It plays its own music, has its own language; understood by some but misinterpreted by most. What if everyone interpreted it as it was meant to be.

What if words were heard through the beating of the heart?

Emotions were seen through the windows in the eyes?

A touch felt deep within the mysteries of the soul?

Feelings were spoken through waves in the brain?

What if one could smell the love in the air?

How loud would be the whispers of the beating heart!

How clear the confusions within the eyes!

How steady the fluttering touch within the soul!

How electric the static language of the brain!

How profound the subtle fragrance of love!

What if...

Photo Credits Go To Amita Sinha

Thursday, 17 November 2016

From Inside A Window

Photo Credit Goes To Amit Sharma
The world is out there,inviting you,
accept the challenge, don't just look out the window.

Life is waiting, to be lived, get on with "karma",
live it, don't just sit.

Unlimited sky, calling out to be conquered,
let your soul soar, don't just peep out the corridor.

Leave the safety of the house, venture out,
be done, go help those who don't have one.

Winters are here, pick up those old clothes, don't pack,
give out to those, who don't have a single on their back.

Sipping coffee, sitting on the window sill is not enough,
brave the chill, buy a cup for those who have it rough.

Forget the designer sales in the markets,
cover the shivering homeless with new blankets.

Get up, get out, don't just look out the windows.
be generous, be kind, reduce other's woes.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Gold in the Ganges

A friend of mine, while visiting Varanasi, was posting photos on Instagram.She was telling many stories through her pictures. I happened to borrow  one of her stories and a picture.

Little girl always drew rivers, with the Sun rising in the East.
She drew boats sailing, fishermen rowing, not worried in the least.

Painted pictures but by imagination, used reds and yellows.
Blues of the water, boats always black, in the shadows.

Grew up, restless, looking for calm.
Travel seemed to her like balm.

Wanderlust pulling and pushing.
Mighty rivers always calling, inviting.

So..which legend to cruise on, better than the Ganges?
Capturing childhood paintings in real life,
with strokes of melted gold in the Ganges.

Photo Credits Go To Ruchira Asthana.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Morning by the lake.

Sheet of water with depths unknown.
Thousands of secrets in its core.

High mountains surrounding, in eerie calm.
Holding the water, as if, in their palm.

Trees standing guard, erect in a line.
On the banks of the lake divine.

Sunrays peeping from behind the cloud.
Waiting for sunshine to explode.

New hope, new day.
Fresh start, fresh ways.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal

Monday, 29 August 2016

The Pine forest.

These photographs  of Pine forest were posted by my cousin Harsh Prasad while he was in Nepal.
The trees look intimidating with their straight trunks. Tall, arrogant, ready to hurt to survive, just like the human mind...only humility, humbleness and self content can make way in such a forest, to give rise to empathy for others.

Trees of ego growing like spears, on the fertile land of the unconscious.
Rising up to the sky, battling their own demons by piercing hearts of others...

...but only humility and humbleness could pave a path amongst them.
leading to love in the heart, for others.

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Moon

A very simple photograph, evoking simple emotions. The Moon appearing like a pearl in the ocean, a jewel on a fabric, a bulb in the fog, guiding light, like a father, in a storm, a bindi on the forehead of the woman, whose face can dispense thousands of worries in fraction of a second, mother's.

Sparkling Moon on the forehead of sky,
dispensing cloudy frowns of worries,
just like a mother's face would.

Lone ranger offering shoulder to cry,
to billions of stars, dispensing pain of distance,
like a friend's shoulder would.

Shining jewel on the blue fabric of trust,
mending, hiding holes of mistakes,
like a sibling's trust would.

Glowing in the distance, like a lamp in the storm,
dispersing darkness even before it comes,
like a teacher's glow would.

Showing the way, easing the path,
lighting up the road, for future ahead,
like a father's guidance would.

Caressing gently, empowering with the Sun's reflection,
embracing, as one is,
like a lover's love would.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Friendship day

That day is here again, the day which brings out in people, rainbow of emotions.

This day can bring happiness and  joy plus companionship to those who  believe in it and value friends as treasures. Whose friends are safely locked up in their hearts.
Unfortunately, this day can also drag in  with it, a plethora of intense pain. Loneliness and bitterness to those who have lost friends to death, distance, misunderstandings and in battle of egos.

Family is family but friends are those essential ingredients in one's life, without whom life is tasteless. If they were not there, something would not be ," just right".

This day brings out emotions in people, which they themselves are not aware of. The spirit of friendship doesn't spare even  the most skeptical of people. The ones who consider all the gifting and celebrations and "unnecessary wishing" as " immature" and just a  " marketing strategy". It rubs on one and all, for everyone wants,  in my opinion, atleast one such person on whom one  can depend on, no matter what.

Friends and friendships come in  all forms. Some claim they have an army of friends who  protect, serve and help them. Provide for them, love and support them and are a very important part of their lives.
Some claim to have that one person in their lives who helps them survive life.
 Some are surrounded by hundreds of friends yet claim to be " friendless".
 While there are some, who do not claim anything yet are , and have,  friends who will do anything for each other.

Truth of life is, friends are those people who can make the journey of life better, happier and easier. Be to them, what you want them to be to you. Love them, cherish them, keep them close to your heart and in your prayers. And you shall be rewarded with the same place in their hearts and the safety of being in their prayers.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Monsoon 6

Lightning ignites flames of hope in the eyes of farmers.
Rumble of the sky urging them to sow their present.
Thunders challenging to stand up against all odds.
Pouring rain turning soil into fields of future.
To reap life.....for monsoon is here, here!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The first Summer rain.

Scorching Sun dries and makes brittle the leaves, Earth starts cracking up like honeycomb.
Birds fly high and low to find  just a few drops of water to quench their thirst. Stray animals find shade under the trees and in  abandoned half built houses. People  try to stay indoors to be safe from the brutal heat.

...and then the clouds are summoned,  vast expanse of sky turns grey, air turns cool, wind picks up speed. Dust swirls make small whirlwinds with dried leaves. The wind chimes start tinkling rhythmically,  trees start swaying to the music of dust filled breeze, eyes are turned towards the sky, in anticipation of that first drop.

...and when the first  drops fall and hit the dried earth, the smell of wet earth intoxicates the senses like thousand  sirens. The drops turn to a gentle shower, a drizzle. Sky makes noise to declare freedom from heat, lightning is like celebration of nature. Dust settles, plants get a well deserved wash. The roads start shining. Dogs in the neighbourhood start barking, going round and round in circles with their tongues sticking out.

People come out of the homes for no reason at all, conversations start budding. Children start dancing, screaming, getting wet, soaked, drenched. Grown ups also stretch their arms to feel the rain on their palms as if they have never touched water before.

The first shower of summer is like magic, magic which leaves us  desiring for more, to experience more, to enjoy more, to feel more, to live more .

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Virtual illusions.

Illusion refers to " something that deceives by producing false or misleading impression of reality."
In today's world, when social media is at its pinnacle, people, young or old are convoluted in a never ending maze of illusions.

Illusions arising from the desire of an individual to be a part of something. Social medias have groups, groups which comprise of all kinds of relationships. School mates, college mates, colleagues, neighbours, family members, cousins. Worst of all, a bunch of strangers tied together like a rope by some common interest. Think about an acquaintance and you can accommodate that person in a particular group.

The reason behind this culture is the basic need of a human to belong. To belong to someone, to belong to a particular niche. The need of a person to believe that they are wanted and are of value to someone, anyone.

How real is this sense of belonging, and how much of it is mere mirage?
A blast of personal information, photographs, opinions are exchanged between people everyday. This regular food for brain creates the most deadly illusion.
You see a bunch of faces that you remember from childhood or  faces you see every day but do not connect to on a personal level. Faces of people you know inside out. Their images, their photographs, their opinions, their advice, their sense of humour bombard our brains everyday creating the illusion of familiarity.

Familiarity, which may or may not be real but misleading impression of reality. For those faces are imprinted on our conscious everyday. This familiarity  creates an illusion of " idea of a person" in our brains.
 Imaginary persons are formed in the  subconscious, they are actually real  people but their behaviour, their characteristics  are moulded as per our own likings, only the faces remain the same and the subconscious gives birth to a new individual.

While using social media, one must stop for a second and ponder, if these people you have formed an " idea of" are real! Is one really  safe in the  virtual company of such dual individuals, whom we assure ourselves we know yet are stranger to.

Friday, 8 April 2016


There are just two alternatives in life, either be happy or sulk, either admire or criticize, either laugh or cry. The choice is ours to make.

Those who always see negative in everything are the ones who let happiness slip away from their fists like sand. Slowly draining away life from them. While those who focus on positives are the ones capturing happiness in their fists like air. Air, which stays even when the fist is open.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor a field of thorns. It is a combination of both. People searching for happiness outside of their own hearts are the ones who never find it or miss on it. For it is a state of mind, a desire, a tenant of the soul.
They do not absorb the goodness in their surrounding, they sulk, complain, criticize. Make others uncomfortable, get ignored and mistreated by others.

People avoid their company, pretend to be indifferent to their needs and definitely do not want to waste their emotions and energy in pacifying or placating these tortured souls.
Unfortunately, they are like thunderbolts which attract attention, cause severe damage and are finally forgotten.

On the other hand, there are people who bring out from within themselves the most common yet the rarest of feelings; happiness, joy. Sprinkling the world with their laughter, love and positive energy.

These people brighten other people's lives. They absorb pain and pleasure around them and convert it into energy which is like evergreen music.
They are like monsoon rain, which washes all the dirt, cleans everything and leaves a lasting impression. For they embrace life as it is, without any complains.

The choice is ours, who we want to be? How we want to spend the rest of our lives? What we want to achieve?

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Journey of life.

The first thing that caught my attention in this photograph was the cloud formation. It looked like smoke coming out of a steam locomotive moving towards the fog for an undisclosed location. Other factors were the amount of water everywhere. The calmness of the sea, the sailboats. The vermillion sky covering everything like a blanket and the ring of gold in the sky. And finally the acknowledgement of the fact that even if time seems to have stopped for a moment in a picture, it is the only thing that always keeps moving forward, never once looking back.

Chugging engine of time, blowing clouds in the past. Catching up with future slowly, amidst the fog of mysteries.

Venturing into the unknown, like the depths of ocean. In present but calm, like sailboats sailing on gentle rippling waves.

Wind directing the course of life, towards pain or pleasure only we can decide, for it's within us and not outside.

Vermilion umbrella of sky protecting innocence. Rings of sunshine like wedding bands committed to adventures.

Vast expanse of water, capricious but in nature. Resembling life, bellowing  new challenges everyday.

Past, present and future; survived, living and anticipating right now, right here!
Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


One of the most joyous, happy, fun filled festivals of Hindus. It brings people of India together, irrespective of their cultural or religious beliefs. The spirit of Holi rubs on people like perfume in the air. The colours of Holi bind the people of India into one beautiful multicoloured fabric.

Saturday, 20 February 2016


 The most striking thing about this photograph is,  it looks like a painting. The buildings are reflecting the colours of the setting Sun in a surreal way. The skyscrapers look like people with their arms up trying to hold the sky. I did not have to write the poem, it came to me.

Like Atlas, they stand tall, holding the sky with their arms.
Like giant chameleons, they change colours, from dawn till dusk with  dancing shadows.
Like diamonds, they glitter, in the neckline of Hudson.
Like warriors, they hold their ground, no matter how the weather.
Winter, Summer, Spring , fall; they have seen  everything and  suffered all.
Clustered together like spears of Gods, are the skyscrapers of New York.

Photography Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Spring 4

Waking up from a deep slumber, spring feeds life into the shaken soul of  winter . Colours start flowing  into the veins  of the parched Earth, drowning sorrow, suffering and solitude. Spring, springing joy, happiness, warmth and  cheerfulness.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Lovers promise the Sun, the Moon and the Stars; eternal love and  lifelong commitment. Love elevates a person to superhuman capacities, turning mediocrity into excellence in the hearts and minds of the one who loves.

Expectations rise when in love,  the heart swells with faith in  another person more than one believes in themselves. The world shrinks into a very small bubble with just the two of them.

But...can one actually promise anything to anybody when they themselves do not know, what is waiting for them in future? Can one really promise to keep one happy when they themselves don't know what makes them happy?

Still ,we defy nature and make promises, promises for the future. Future, which is as unpredictable as life. Forgetting the need to believe in today, this very moment,  the present which is as true and predictable as death itself.

When we love someone,  it is not promises for the  future that counts or are believable . It is  "this moment" "right now"  what matters and as time passes, promises have to be extended, kept and renewed every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week,  every month ,every year and years to come.

Yes!  It is neither easy nor a bed of roses. As tiring as it might sound and feel, that is what  a promise means. It is a job which needs one' s attention, focus, every breath, every moment for the rest of one' s life. A herculean task? True! That is what love is all about, one  true moment at a time.

                                          Photo Credits Go To Shalini Prasad

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dusk to Dawn.

The setting Sun sets ablaze the trees; diving into the horizon, splashing evening in its wake.
Fire in the sky douses from red to orange, orange to pink, pink to purple; finally a midnight blue.
Twilight waits patiently for the Moon to rise; for the silver fingers will caress it to sleep tonight.
Lady night descends gracefully in her dress, jet black; stars sparkling like sequins in her gown.
Owls hoot, crickets sing, fireflies dance ,decorating the trees; it's time for nocturnal glee.
Moon shoots up, turning oceans into liquid silver; irresistible, its pull, tides rise to kiss the moonlight.
Calm engulfs, living sleep; while dawn breaks the silence with chirping of birds.
Horizon sets ablaze, sky catches fire; oceans bleed red, reflecting the ball of fire.

Monday, 18 January 2016

The January Rain

Clouds cover the sky, forcing the Sun to hide. Cool becomes cold, chill turns into freeze. The air is like bee stings. Relief, it does not bring. It is sombre, it' s gloomy, it is dark. The drops are like needles piercing the skin.
Yet, the January rain indicates, the end of a harsh season, the rain bringing with it life. Rain, which impregnates the whole Earth to give birth to a new season.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Winter Bloom 2

  Winter is a season when  beauty of nature can be seen in the most barren of places. Snow in itself is a mystery. It has the visual capacity to change the most uninteresting landscapes into glorious white magical lands.

The winter chill can make your heart stop and the fresh crisp air revive it as if, new life were pumped into the lungs. Old and young differ in their opinion about the appropriate length of the season. Some  enjoy it to the fullest while some just wish that it were over as soon as it approached.

 In warmer regions the winter blooms are like mother nature going wild with a paintbrush. Flowers of all colours, all shapes and sizes scintillate the senses. They keep reminding that no matter how tough the times, one can  reach their maximum potential. They can bloom to the fullest. 

It is the season when one learns to endure, learns to wait patiently for better times, learns to hold on to hope. Hope, that Spring is right around the corner.