Monday, 23 February 2015

Unmade Nations

Written in 1990, about the war going on in Beirut then. Today it can be about a lot of countries which are directly or indirectly involved in war.

Unmade Nations

You and I were there, when the Sun went down in the ocean;
The sky was clear, rest dear and melody in the air;
Birds were chirping, dusk within and everything else was thrilling.

But, do you know what happens, when the rain falls heavy on the poor?
Their houses break, the lives are at stake and everything is washed in tears.
The children cry, they weeping die, in the search of their dear mothers;
They fill the graves; the unmade cakes are still to be baked in the ovens.

Do you know what happens, when the dark is night, even the day is not bright and hearts of people are shaken?

Fear surrounds in the broken towns, oh! Blood is even in the beer.
Death is their shadow, still the will to live is in peoples’ bone and marrow;
The shells blast, in peoples’ past and future is in hands of heaven;
In present they die, not once but by and by,
Not by the hands of heathens.

Do you know what happens, when a child is stabbed by bayonet’s knife and tears of sorrow are rolling?
Words fail to tell their tales and guilt in us is arisen;
Chirping birds, the shinning roads and all other pleasures are soaked in;
By the sponge in heart, which feels the dart, hitting, people of unmade nations.