Wednesday, 31 January 2018

To each his own.

Can eyes capture beauty? Can beauty be beheld?
Is beauty a joy for ever? Even for the beholder?

Does one mean everything, for The One, for the rest of their lives?
Do promises hold their ground, do they survive?

Can love stand the test of time? Can time really fly?
Can love be summarized? Or is it just glorified?

Can time heal all wounds? Can wounds not leave scars?
Not leave any hint of pain? Inflicted through egoistical disdain?

Does love mean the whole world for us? Does it grow roots?
Does it make one grow fonder? Or compiling years make it wander?

 Do lives get entwined with each other? Do two  hearts beat as one?
Do souls find their mates for ever? Do they exist always together?

To each his own, answers to questions vexed.
Everyone's idea of love, differs from the next.

What matters most is the experience of love.

Either  momentarily or for eternity.
Love heals broken hearts and souls, back to whole.

Monday, 29 January 2018

The Seascape

Cool clouds embrace the warmth of the  setting Sun golden, turning the ocean to liquid molten.
White froth of the waves, slither on the golden sand, quenching its thirst again and again.

Coyly hiding within the descending dusk,  ever evasive horizon waits for the sky to rush.
To hold on to it one last time before they merge, for a while, later to diverge.

Last impression of the Sun floats on the ocean like gold, time slips away quietly, difficult to hold.
Sunshine withers away slowly, fading the sight,  can hardly fathom the beholder's  immense delight.

Dusk finally descends, engulfing sky and horizon as one. When one cannot be made out from another.
Only Dawn has the magical key to separate them again. When the Sunlight ignites the sky and ocean, and boundaries remain...till dusk again.

                                      Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal

Friday, 12 January 2018

I Am- Woman 2

My father's or my husband's name doesn't define me.
My career or my earnings  don't define me.

My children or their achievements don't define me.
My education or my social status doesn't define me.

My clothes don't define me, my home doesn't define me.
People's opinions about me , don't at all define me.

Warmth of the Sun, coolness of the moon, calmness of the oceans and brightness of the stars define me.
All the love in the universe harbouring in my heart defines me.

What defines me, is that I am a woman.
I am who I am just the way I should be, just the way I was meant to be.

I am joy, I am the reason for celebrations. I am the sponge that soaks everyone's worries.
 I am defined by birth and death, I am defined by myself.

Monday, 1 January 2018

A New Day

The beauty of a new day lies in the mind. Mind which is the procreator of hope, faith, expectations, love, courage and many other emotions that make us all human.

Photo Credits Go To Amit Sharma