Monday, 18 December 2017


Answers to all our questions are buried deep within us.
Dig a little deeper and they shall find us.

We don't find them for we are dishonest with ourselves.
Let honesty do the searching and they shall find us.

Questions don't arise for we expect answers from others.
They are directed towards others  for we  are afraid of answering them.

Let integrity do the questioning and the answers shall find us.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Chasing time 2017

That time of year is here. Nostalgia personified. Time to count blessings, looking back and pondering what all happened. What all could not happen and what all could have happened.

As if it were just yesterday, the same day, the same time. Same flowers blooming, same migratory birds nesting, same temperature, rain, snow, chill in the air.

Like a flash it went by! Every wish sent to people, like it was written yesterday. The same parties, thankfully  surrounded by the same people. Some new additions surprisingly seeming like old acquaintances. Same cheer in the atmosphere.

Same emotions wreaking havoc. The same homeless, cold people on the roads stirring deep emotions within the soul. Same sense of helplessness, restlessness and pain.

Same sense of joy and pride watching your children grow. Love, companionship amongst young and old in the family. Same sense of gain when a new member arrives in the family. The extreme sense of loss felt like a huge void, everytime remembering those lost.

Years passing by one at a time but like on a speedboat, zooming past. Memories merging into each other like a dream, senselessly mixing people , events from past and present together.

Like a joyride, rollercoaster years, same posts, photos, comments, likes on the social media. The decorated Christmas trees, the dancing , singing , drinking, New Year's Eve parties. Identical situations yet...

The year is brand new, time lapsed, 12 months gone, countless breaths drawn. Mind absorbing pain and pleasure like a sponge. Countless moments lost, countless moments acquired. Bonds formed and broken, relationships strengthened, weakened.

The familiarity of "Sameness" embracing in comfort. The excitement of unknown giving sense of adventure. Family, friends giving  love, hope and the strength to go on. Go on chasing time!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Like the air, invisible, untouchable but paramount to life.
An emotion, a void filled, completeness, paramount to happiness.

A feeling, a whisper, a simple touch, paramount to survival.
A fantasy, an imagination, a dream, paramount to ambition.

Family, friends, a society, paramount to continuation.
Celebrations, festivals, customs, paramount to joy.

Like a soul within a body, otherwise just muscles, bones, blood and nerves.
Love is paramount to existence.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


Soaking up the Sun before hibernation.
A sleep, as deep as death, necessary to survive Winters.
Sleep granting life, sleep preparing for future generations.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mistaken identity

People are sometimes mistaken for someone else. This happens due to similarities in names, surnames, faces.
Usually the person who is mistaken for someone else is hurt, or gets angry as everyone wants to be remembered as they, themselves.
This hurt or feeling of inadequacy is actually a byproduct of Vanity. It's vanity and self importance which makes one react.

The truth is, one should be mature enough to accept the fact that there is nothing  wrong with you for being mistaken as someone else. There is no flaw in your personality or disposition but the flaw lies singularly in the memory of the person who mistook you for someone else.

 People have childhood  prejudices, biases, crushes, infatuations. Some images are formed, some ideas take shape and they develop into memories.
These memories and some expectations attached to them are the reason for memory flaws.

Age and experience mixed with pleasures and pain are the best teachers. With age you realize it is inconsequential. People spend ages being upset about it, but why? You don't need to be remembered by everyone.

Those, for whom you are important always remember you. And you remember those who are important to you. Everything else is just social obligation and sheer social chaos.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Fall -5

Leaves, lime green and lemon yellow, waiting patiently for the temperature to drop.
This year September had been unusually warm, delaying the magic show of nature.
But soon the show begins, nature adorns its most vibrant attire.

Appearance of leaves changing from sparkling sunshine yellows to bright oranges.
The royal blood red deepening to sophisticated maroons. Finally resting at rusts and browns before they kiss the Earth.

Falling gently to the ground, one leaf over another, one at a time, slowly, meticulously. Leaving the tree bare.
Rising to form heaps of leaves' mountains.

Forests transforming into chaos of colours, clear blue water bodies reflecting the magic.
Enhancing the effect.

Leaves breathing their last breaths, trees shedding them, saying goodbyes, letting go!
One of its kind farewell, so amazing, so breathtaking.

                       Photography Credits Go To Sapna Veluri Nandakumar.