Sunday, 16 April 2017

Summer 5

Let's escape to a place where the water hasn't yet evaporated from the ponds, lakes and rivers.
Where bare feet can still walk on dew covered blades of grass in the mornings.

Let's go to a place where chirping birds are the only alarms in the mornings​.
Where silence wakes you up as sunlight peeping through the curtains.

Let's escape to that place where peacocks scream and dance to forecast the weather.
 Where ants predict if the rain is approaching working untethered.

 Let's go to the place where flora blooms announcing the temperature of the day.
Where sunflowers tilt towards the Sun till May.

Let's escape to a place where time is told by the length of the shadows.
Where meal times dictated by commotion at the gate by the stray dogs, going to and fro.

Let's go to a place where sparrows still exist due to lack of telephone towers.
Where people keep bird feed in bowls outside their homes with water.

Let's go to that place where people converse sitting together and not "Chat".
Where people connect through emotions and not internet.

Let's escape to the place where "web" means spiders catching dew drops like diamonds.
Where "net" means fishermen trying to catch fish near islands.

To a place where the breeze is still cool at five in the morning.
Where you wait for the day to unfold with great longing.

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