Monday, 18 January 2016

The January Rain

Clouds cover the sky, forcing the Sun to hide. Cool becomes cold, chill turns into freeze. The air is like bee stings. Relief, it does not bring. It is sombre, it' s gloomy, it is dark. The drops are like needles piercing the skin.
Yet, the January rain indicates, the end of a harsh season, the rain bringing with it life. Rain, which impregnates the whole Earth to give birth to a new season.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Winter Bloom 2

  Winter is a season when  beauty of nature can be seen in the most barren of places. Snow in itself is a mystery. It has the visual capacity to change the most uninteresting landscapes into glorious white magical lands.

The winter chill can make your heart stop and the fresh crisp air revive it as if, new life were pumped into the lungs. Old and young differ in their opinion about the appropriate length of the season. Some  enjoy it to the fullest while some just wish that it were over as soon as it approached.

 In warmer regions the winter blooms are like mother nature going wild with a paintbrush. Flowers of all colours, all shapes and sizes scintillate the senses. They keep reminding that no matter how tough the times, one can  reach their maximum potential. They can bloom to the fullest. 

It is the season when one learns to endure, learns to wait patiently for better times, learns to hold on to hope. Hope, that Spring is right around the corner.