Monday, 31 August 2015

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was in news recently which inspired me to publish a poem written in 1992.

Tender eyes emotion stained, hearts over brimming with love,
Lips sealed for words could not express.
Hard to believe reunion was real,
But remembered the separation clear.

Then hair was not grey and eyes blue,
Taut skin fresh and youth full bloom.
Sunlit were the days after the war,
People had hopes to reach far.

Horizon had to be touched,stars settled,
Houses to be rebuilt, lives taken ahead.
Income was low but hopes high,
Defeat or victory couldn't make them die.

And then it happened! A blow to humanity,
Concrete and bricks were erected to divide nationality.
Politicians pulled the reins tighter,
Citizens couldn't stop them either.

Grandmother lost her grandchild,mother her child,
Siblings were separated never to unite.
The structure grew higher, on blood and bones,
Lived those who compromised,others died jumping stones.

Hearts were divided by this structure tall,
Which they later called the Berlin Wall!
But it had to happen someday,love had to win over hatred,
Wall was painted with screams and appeals, desire to regain lost home, no further could recede.

Anger and emotions struck the wall together,
Making the strongest of bricks shudder.
The outburst was stronger than the wall,
Now it had to fall, once and for all.