Thursday, 29 March 2018

Buddha's Wisdom.

We are prisoners of our own expectations.
Inviting in our lives, misery at the cost of desires.
We were born free, once upon a time.
Devoid of anything but an instinct to survive.
Drawing breath, our only skill, to stay alive.

Building dungeons and cages around us.
To imprison our own happiness.
Illusive as it is, capturing sadness instead.
Staring at its painful face, searching for existence's worth.
Wondering about life's root cause for serenity's dearth.

Break the chains of expectations and set your mind free.
Let peace guard our hearts from desires.
Life happens at its own pace, no point rushing it otherwise.
Feel the gentle tug of contentment, as time slowly slips like sand from a fist.
Enriching your life with good Karmas, that is life's  singular gist.

Sketch by Mrs. Kanak Sinha

Sunday, 25 March 2018


A beautiful day drawing to a languid evening. The Sun retiring behind a hill. Preparing itself to rise and illuminate some other part of the world.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Virtual traveller

She spins a web of fantasies and gets entangled in them,
Web working as a safety net, for all the adventures that stem...

From touring far away lands, exotic locations, soaking everything in,
Crystal clear water, rising mountains, flora and fauna that hearts win.

Oceans of gold and sky of silver, ships of clouds sailing over,
 with treasures of stars, planets and moon seeming closer and closer.

Canyons, meandering rivers, volcanoes fuming smoke,
Sunrises and sunsets weaving fabulous lores of folk.

The world, a small place for her, fitting well into her collection of pictures.
A box full of photographs, a gallery filled with shares.

An ardent virtual traveller that she is, pictures are her imagination's fuel,
Threading pearls of memories together to form poetic jewels.

Monday, 5 March 2018

The dreamer

She lives in a world of her own, waiting for the future.
The future visits everyday, touches her and is gone.
She keeps living in a world of her own.

Throwing out bits and pieces of herself, into the real world.
A half conversation, a story untold, an idea being raised for so long.
Portions of herself surviving in both halves, people getting her all wrong.

She lives in dream world of her own, anticipating the unseen.
The unseen reveals everyday, making itself known.
She keeps living in a world of her own.

Sometimes confused, sometimes awed, sometimes disoriented.
Walks in and out of the maze of society, refusing to obligate.
If only she could wipe out somethings everyday, starting with a clean slate.

She lives in an unreal world, longing for reality.
Reality checks itself everyday, the truth is  shown.
She still keeps living in a world of her own.
                                 Illustration By Alankrita Sharma

Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Staircase of life

Staircase spiralling up to the heaven or descending down to hell?
Taking you to the top or to the bottom of the well?

Reaching up for your dreams or treading on someone's dwell?
Lifting the spirits or making them scream and yell?

Helping someone climb or pulling down, only you can tell!
Laughing while climbing or crying when you fell!

Looking up in sweet anticipation or looking down with fear of unwell?
Initiating action or waiting lazily for the gong of the bell?

Climbing up or climbing down, hold tightly the hand of integrity, don't let your soul sell.
Protect it with trust and love, conceal it in tenderness and faith's shell.

And if you choose to reach the top, be like a beacon to the ships in the ocean swell.
Guiding them to safety of home, bidding troubles farewell.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal