Thursday, 29 March 2018

Buddha's Wisdom.

We are prisoners of our own expectations.
Inviting in our lives, misery at the cost of desires.
We were born free, once upon a time.
Devoid of anything but an instinct to survive.
Drawing breath, our only skill, to stay alive.

Building dungeons and cages around us.
To imprison our own happiness.
Illusive as it is, capturing sadness instead.
Staring at its painful face, searching for existence's worth.
Wondering about life's root cause for serenity's dearth.

Break the chains of expectations and set your mind free.
Let peace guard our hearts from desires.
Life happens at its own pace, no point rushing it otherwise.
Feel the gentle tug of contentment, as time slowly slips like sand from a fist.
Enriching your life with good Karmas, that is life's  singular gist.

Sketch by Mrs. Kanak Sinha

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