Monday, 23 October 2017


Leaves, lime green and lemon yellow, waiting patiently for the temperature to drop.
This year September had been unusually warm, delaying the magic show of nature.
But soon the show begins, nature adorns its most vibrant attire.

Appearance of leaves change from sparkling sunshine yellows to bright oranges.
The royal blood red deepen to sophisticated maroons. Finally resting at rusts and browns before they kiss the Earth.

Falling gently to the ground, one leaf over another, one at a time, slowly, meticulously. Leaving the tree bare.
Rising to form heaps of leaves' mountains.

Forests transform into chaos of colours, clear blue water bodies reflecting the magic.
Enhancing the effect.

Leaves breathing their last breaths, trees shedding them, saying goodbyes, letting go!
One of its kind farewell, so amazing, so breathtaking.

               Photography Credits Go To Sapna Veluri Nandakumar.