Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Virtual illusions.

Illusion refers to " something that deceives by producing false or misleading impression of reality."
In today's world, when social media is at its pinnacle, people, young or old are convoluted in a never ending maze of illusions.

Illusions arising from the desire of an individual to be a part of something. Social medias have groups, groups which comprise of all kinds of relationships. School mates, college mates, colleagues, neighbours, family members, cousins. Worst of all, a bunch of strangers tied together like a rope by some common interest. Think about an acquaintance and you can accommodate that person in a particular group.

The reason behind this culture is the basic need of a human to belong. To belong to someone, to belong to a particular niche. The need of a person to believe that they are wanted and are of value to someone, anyone.

How real is this sense of belonging, and how much of it is mere mirage?
A blast of personal information, photographs, opinions are exchanged between people everyday. This regular food for brain creates the most deadly illusion.
You see a bunch of faces that you remember from childhood or  faces you see every day but do not connect to on a personal level. Faces of people you know inside out. Their images, their photographs, their opinions, their advice, their sense of humour bombard our brains everyday creating the illusion of familiarity.

Familiarity, which may or may not be real but misleading impression of reality. For those faces are imprinted on our conscious everyday. This familiarity  creates an illusion of " idea of a person" in our brains.
 Imaginary persons are formed in the  subconscious, they are actually real  people but their behaviour, their characteristics  are moulded as per our own likings, only the faces remain the same and the subconscious gives birth to a new individual.

While using social media, one must stop for a second and ponder, if these people you have formed an " idea of" are real! Is one really  safe in the  virtual company of such dual individuals, whom we assure ourselves we know yet are stranger to.

Friday, 8 April 2016


There are just two alternatives in life, either be happy or sulk, either admire or criticize, either laugh or cry. The choice is ours to make.

Those who always see negative in everything are the ones who let happiness slip away from their fists like sand. Slowly draining away life from them. While those who focus on positives are the ones capturing happiness in their fists like air. Air, which stays even when the fist is open.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor a field of thorns. It is a combination of both. People searching for happiness outside of their own hearts are the ones who never find it or miss on it. For it is a state of mind, a desire, a tenant of the soul.
They do not absorb the goodness in their surrounding, they sulk, complain, criticize. Make others uncomfortable, get ignored and mistreated by others.

People avoid their company, pretend to be indifferent to their needs and definitely do not want to waste their emotions and energy in pacifying or placating these tortured souls.
Unfortunately, they are like thunderbolts which attract attention, cause severe damage and are finally forgotten.

On the other hand, there are people who bring out from within themselves the most common yet the rarest of feelings; happiness, joy. Sprinkling the world with their laughter, love and positive energy.

These people brighten other people's lives. They absorb pain and pleasure around them and convert it into energy which is like evergreen music.
They are like monsoon rain, which washes all the dirt, cleans everything and leaves a lasting impression. For they embrace life as it is, without any complains.

The choice is ours, who we want to be? How we want to spend the rest of our lives? What we want to achieve?