Monday, 29 August 2016

The Pine forest.

These photographs  of Pine forest were posted by my cousin Harsh Prasad while he was in Nepal.
The trees look intimidating with their straight trunks. Tall, arrogant, ready to hurt to survive, just like the human mind...only humility, humbleness and self content can make way in such a forest, to give rise to empathy for others.

Trees of ego growing like spears, on the fertile land of the unconscious.
Rising up to the sky, battling their own demons by piercing hearts of others...

...but only humility and humbleness could pave a path amongst them.
leading to love in the heart, for others.

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Moon

A very simple photograph, evoking simple emotions. The Moon appearing like a pearl in the ocean, a jewel on a fabric, a bulb in the fog, guiding light, like a father, in a storm, a bindi on the forehead of the woman, whose face can dispense thousands of worries in fraction of a second, mother's.

Sparkling Moon on the forehead of sky,
dispensing cloudy frowns of worries,
just like a mother's face would.

Lone ranger offering shoulder to cry,
to billions of stars, dispensing pain of distance,
like a friend's shoulder would.

Shining jewel on the blue fabric of trust,
mending, hiding holes of mistakes,
like a sibling's trust would.

Glowing in the distance, like a lamp in the storm,
dispersing darkness even before it comes,
like a teacher's glow would.

Showing the way, easing the path,
lighting up the road, for future ahead,
like a father's guidance would.

Caressing gently, empowering with the Sun's reflection,
embracing, as one is,
like a lover's love would.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Friendship day

That day is here again, the day which brings out in people, rainbow of emotions.

This day can bring happiness and  joy plus companionship to those who  believe in it and value friends as treasures. Whose friends are safely locked up in their hearts.
Unfortunately, this day can also drag in  with it, a plethora of intense pain. Loneliness and bitterness to those who have lost friends to death, distance, misunderstandings and in battle of egos.

Family is family but friends are those essential ingredients in one's life, without whom life is tasteless. If they were not there, something would not be ," just right".

This day brings out emotions in people, which they themselves are not aware of. The spirit of friendship doesn't spare even  the most skeptical of people. The ones who consider all the gifting and celebrations and "unnecessary wishing" as " immature" and just a  " marketing strategy". It rubs on one and all, for everyone wants,  in my opinion, atleast one such person on whom one  can depend on, no matter what.

Friends and friendships come in  all forms. Some claim they have an army of friends who  protect, serve and help them. Provide for them, love and support them and are a very important part of their lives.
Some claim to have that one person in their lives who helps them survive life.
 Some are surrounded by hundreds of friends yet claim to be " friendless".
 While there are some, who do not claim anything yet are , and have,  friends who will do anything for each other.

Truth of life is, friends are those people who can make the journey of life better, happier and easier. Be to them, what you want them to be to you. Love them, cherish them, keep them close to your heart and in your prayers. And you shall be rewarded with the same place in their hearts and the safety of being in their prayers.