Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Strokes of Nature -2

Golden Iris peeping through half open lids, welcoming morning.
Fire in the clouds spreading slowly, giving life.
A knife slitting darkness by sunlight, horizon melting with warmth.
A child's smile through grayness of mood, dawn breaking through clouds.

Strokes of Nature

The wind swirls the clouds in the sky like master strokes of an artist.
The trees reach up to the sky to catch the candy floss in the making.
 Gray hair of a lady blowing in the air.
 Chiffon of a bride trailing behind her.
 Waves in the sky, ocean upside down.
The beauty of nature is surely unbound.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The "lit up" skyline.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It seemed as if the nature's brush had gone wild mixing colours of dusk with  just a hint of control.
The sky turned blue, grey, pink, purple about to engulf everything in darkness, when the lights "lit up" and the brush stopped!

It paused, amazed at the glitter, the light, the milky whiteness, the shimmering colours, the deep blue of water.
Witnessing merger of God's masterpiece with man's own. Who knew it was possible to paint them together?

They lit up the city, spilled colours in the river. Lights twinkled as if gems  were floating in the water.
The dark pier seemed taken aback with the surge of gold in the river, falling like  melted wax from the lamp posts.

The skyscrapers punctured the dark sky with their raised needles, pushing the blanket of darkness away.
They were the guiding lights for the night, the bejewelled crowns that command respect. The magical torches refusing to douse before sunrise.

Finally the brush abandoned the colours of dusk and began preparing the pallette​ for twilight  and dawn of another day.

                                       Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Design 28

Holi approaching!


Impulsiveness is an important and key ingredient in a relationship. No matter how considerate, careful, truthful or honest one is in maintaining it, the slightest of impulsive reactions can sometimes prove fatal.

Unintentionally people dig valleys between themselves and their relationships with the tiniest of things. Valleys so wide that no bridge of reconciliation could ever attempt to bring them closer.

It can happen with a single word, a little hesitation, a pause, a reply given too quickly, silence, an action, a name, a smirk, a frown, raising of an eyebrow, a sigh!

It's like a drop of water in a pond but so huge is its impact that the pond runs dry at the very addition of that single drop.