Monday, 18 September 2017


The sky is getting clearer, clouds beginning to disperse with winds of change.
The wind is getting cooler, Sun beginning to shine more often over the mountain range.

Days and evenings not somber anymore, grays converting into vibrant landscapes.
Wetness drying up, no more downpours, colours popping up like lady's drapes.

Relief from heat, break from the rains. Seems like the Earth is ready to exhale.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Bunches of red, contrasting with greens of leaves.
Little flower umbrellas, sheltering insects from grieves.

Cool September breeze, giving respite from the heat.
Making flowers blossom, getting ready for Autumn greet.

Veteran leaves turning yellow, saying goodbyes, ready to let go.
Magic of Autumn hiding within each fold, forests waiting to transform in motion slow.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Monsoon 7

Brilliant white surfaces when washed with rain water.
With just a hint of yellow to break the monotony.

Facing ,turning towards the Sun.
Soaking up the warmth after a wet humid spree.

Dragon fly resting peacefully, unaware of the beauty around it.
Green leaves, waiting for their turn to take center stage.