Monday, 19 March 2018

Virtual traveller

She spins a web of fantasies and gets entangled in them,
Web working as a safety net, for all the adventures that stem.

From touring far away lands, exotic locations, soaking everything in,
Crystal clear water, rising mountains, flora and fauna that hearts win.

Oceans of gold and sky of silver, ships of clouds sailing over,
 with treasures of stars, planets and moon seeming closer and closer.

Canyons, meandering rivers, volcanoes fuming smoke,
Sunrises and sunsets weaving fabulous lores of folk.

The world, a small place for her, fitting well into her collection of pictures.
A box full of photographs, a gallery filled with shares.

An ardent virtual traveller that she is, photos are her imagination's fuel,
Threading pearls of memories together to form poetic jewels.

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