Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dusk to Dawn.

The setting Sun sets ablaze the trees; diving into the horizon, splashing evening in its wake.
Fire in the sky douses from red to orange, orange to pink, pink to purple; finally a midnight blue.
Twilight waits patiently for the Moon to rise; for the silver fingers will caress it to sleep tonight.
Lady night descends gracefully in her dress, jet black; stars sparkling like sequins in her gown.
Owls hoot, crickets sing, fireflies dance ,decorating the trees; it's time for nocturnal glee.
Moon shoots up, turning oceans into liquid silver; irresistible, its pull, tides rise to kiss the moonlight.
Calm engulfs, living sleep; while dawn breaks the silence with chirping of birds.
Horizon sets ablaze, sky catches fire; oceans bleed red, reflecting the ball of fire.

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