Thursday, 17 November 2016

From Inside A Window

Photo Credit Goes To Amit Sharma
The world is out there,inviting you,
accept the challenge, don't just look out the window.

Life is waiting, to be lived, get on with "karma",
live it, don't just sit.

Unlimited sky, calling out to be conquered,
let your soul soar, don't just peep out the corridor.

Leave the safety of the house, venture out,
be done, go help those who don't have one.

Winters are here, pick up those old clothes, don't pack,
give out to those, who don't have a single on their back.

Sipping coffee, sitting on the window sill is not enough,
brave the chill, buy a cup for those who have it rough.

Forget the designer sales in the markets,
cover the shivering homeless with new blankets.

Get up, get out, don't just look out the windows.
be generous, be kind, reduce other's woes.

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