Saturday, 5 May 2018

To the young adult

They say, your inner thoughts are your most loyal friends.
Inspiring you, motivating you, giving you strength to carry on.

Unfortunately, they are your most dissuading foes too.
Discouraging you, demotivating you, sucking the strength out of your life.

Control your own thoughts for you can't control others'.
Instill positivity in your own mind, for you can't remove negetivity from others'.

let your own thoughts guide you, let the light inside your heart shine through.
Don't give others the power to penetrate your soul.

People are people, some love, some hate, some are calmly indifferent.
Their words, their actions should not be given precedence over your own.

You are who you are, for you were meant to be like that.
Cherish yourself, value yourself, be your own ideal.

No one but you are the protagonist of the drama of your life.
Be happy, be peaceful and applaud yourself.

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