Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Non-existent, Existence.

An old wooden chair in the verandah, occupied by an old person. Around him children running, screaming, singing, playing;mothers reprimanding them for being too loud.
Everyone talking, communicating, being vocal except for just one person whose face is a field of wrinkles. The eyes sunk deep in the soft, vulnerable, suffered skin. His eyes and mind focused on some distant memory. Remembering, cherishing, nurturing the past. The past when they lived! Not  just existed like in present, where they are non- existent in the minds of people around them.
Those eyes have become weak, the faces of their own children evanesce like smoke.The  same eyes which had seen the young ones take their first steps. Seen the first lines of tension on the faces of growing adolescents. Seen the first look of anxiety on their first day of job, now searching for a meaningful look towards them.
The strong hands which toiled day and night to bring up family and educate them shake today while holding a glass of water. Wondering if someone will help the glass to their lips.
Once they were the masters of the house; loved, feared and respected. Whose presence was enough to scare, reassure, comfort and bring security to a household. Today they sit in a corner like a well used furniture whose presence has become irrelevant but whose absence would be felt.
Nobody enjoys talking to them or ask for  their suggestions. They are considered to have reached a state when their minds are degenerating and deteriorating. The same mind which  taught the children to think, process, analyse  and argue.
They are well taken care of, healthy food, comfort and luxury bought  by money is provided  to them. Everything except for one key ingredient, communication. Speech, conversation, language. Verbal interaction, the one thing that differentiates us as humans. Something which improves the quality of life and increases longevity according to new researches.

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