Sunday, 15 March 2015


This painting depicts how companions used to spend their time during summer. Summer means holidays. Televisions, video games, social media was missing from people's lives and friends spent countless hours in the company of each other. 

Summer meant day dreaming together, chasing dreams, talking your heart out. Discussing each and every thought harboring in the heart. Just sitting idle in the shade of a tree, watching clouds change their forms, enjoying the bond of silence with your best friend. Picking flowers for decorating the house, adorning the hair or making garlands for Gods and Goddesses. 

Nature also specializes in accessorizing summer with the most brilliant flowers, fiery orange of Gulmohar (Delonix regia) depicted in the painting and sunshine yellow of Amaltas (Cassia fistula) are the two very prominent beauties of the brutal Indian summer.

Painting By Kanak Sinha

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