Monday, 9 April 2012

The Journey-1

I finished posting 50 posts since February  2012 and enjoyed each and every step of the process.Picked up a few tips from veteran bloggers and felt encouraged by comments posted by friends and other audiences.Found new interesting blogs filled with creative writing and illustrations.Came across other people's ideas and varied forms of art.It has been a memorable journey, hope to keep traveling through the vast, never ending expanse of the virtual world. Here are some of the sketches which made me begin the great journey.

It all started with this sketch which was made as a birthday card for a friend.The  opening of the bottle led to the pouring of  the contents in a glass.....

.......and then followed the very predictable "getting tipsy" on the contents thought.

I started sketching everyday without any focus and just going with the flow, being a very impatient person, sketches which finished in a few strokes became my most favorite form and  thus originated the sweet tooth posts.
The first post was "enjoyed" very much by another friend who inspired me to make something just for her.  

 My mom became my most loyal follower and most serious critic,she thought I should finally spend some time learning to sketch rather than idly sketching without any intentions of actually making something.Though she ended up liking three of the quickest sketches I ever produced.


It was supposed to be a platform for sketches but the blog demanded some content from me as well. "A picture is worth a thousand words" but the "web spiders" did not believe in this adage. So here I am, writing and sketching and in general feeding my own creative appetite.

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