Friday, 2 March 2012


Colors have a very strong impact on our lives. Different colors have different wavelengths and they affect a person differently. 
Different colors agree with different people, the Gemology is based wholly upon how the colors,  their intensity, and weight of gemstones can cause negative or positive influence in a person’s life. 

Personalities of people are different because of their color preferences. These color preferences are believed to be not just an affair of vanity but how the colors and their choices and preferences are perceived in the human brain. 

There are scientists called Energy Scientists who study the effect of the rainbow colors called the Heptathlon Spectrum on individuals and the interpretation of colors in their minds shaping their personalities. 
So next time, if you think you just can’t get over a color and keep buying the same colors, be it clothes, shoes, bags, choosing the home color, car color, do not fight it, it is who you are.

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