Friday, 10 February 2012


There are many stories and myths about the origin of the word cheers. The myths are from Ancient Greece, from Germanic tribes, Iran etc. 
Some myths and stories tell, how mixing drinks was done only by people who could be trusted. How the host always drank first, to show to the guest that the drink was safe for drinking. Some stories tell, how the cups were clinked to spill the poison from it if any present, and mix the poison into others’. Other stories tell how the cups were clinked to make a sound to scare away ghosts and evils. There are stories about how wine or blood was offered to Gods in return of getting a wish granted. 
In English language, the word cheers originally meant face or expression in medieval times. It has been derived from low Latin word “cara’ which meant head. It was first recorded in 13th century. It just meant face or countenance but by 14th century it started being referred to as a joyful expression. 
Cheers! Is a toast which is made on joyful occasions, for celebrating something or for honoring someone.

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